Lean Expert

Implementation of excellence and tools for improving the organization

Professional accompaniment are an effective tool by the management and employees. many organizations rely on professional bodies that accompany the business and the processes that take place in it. That results in implementation and reduction in customer complaints and in parallel to a satisfied customer and of course a significant increase in the quality of the processes in the organization and its quality and profitability.

Principles and tools for excellence come in order to support, to strengthen and to improve the work and decision-making processes in the organization. some of the notable principles are quality atthe source and Zero Defect starategy. These principles create a way of thinking that aims at preventing production errors, increase overall quality and reduce the cost of poor quality. To succeed, there are a number of actions that should be performed in the correct sequence, In order for the product to be accurate and at the highest possible level, and of course to ensure that customers are satisfied.


What does it mean, actually?

First of all, the company needs to undergo processes of learning in order to implement operational excellence. Lean Israel has been leading these processes since 2006, with great success and with many companies in the Israeli economy. The principles of the method teach in practice how to reach the possible minimum of damaged products and their early detection. Lean Israel offers professional qualifications such as Lean expert – holistic approach to excellence.

 Want to improve the quality of your organization? We in Lean Israel are experts in implementing a Culture of Excellence expressed in ‘Zero Defects’ method quality, and offer you a focused process to improve quality throughout the central organizational chain. What do you got out of it? Examining and streamlining the work processes, design and suitability for manufacturing, reinforcing the relative advantage of the organization in the market, raising the company’s profitability and providing quality services in less effort, resources and time.

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השאירו פרטים ונחזור אליכם בהקדם


Lean Practitioner

Training Company for Business Excellence

Every owner and organization administrator knows that in order to lead and advance, we need to conduct proper processes. In order to improve the waste, the lack of efficiency, the unnecessary processes, the errors and faults for the minimum possible, you have to lead effective work processes, and provide the customer with a higher added value, so that the company has an advantage over competitors and the customers will receive a high quality product and be satisfied.

In order to bring the company to a high professional level and to business operational and managerial excellence, appropriate training should be transferred to improve the level of the organization and its employees. It should be reduced to a minimum of waste of resources and inefficiency, and on the other hand improve the flow of work processes between interfaces and various factors in the company. Advising and accompanying specialized companies in the field will help define work processes, and above all to focus on the Organization’s activities. The main focus is the product’s high quality, without defects in a continuous and efficient manufacturing chain.

How it’s done?

Any company that wants to advance and improve must contact an organization that specializes in improving and changing processes. The results of the process after implementation are leading to improvement in the quality of the products, leading to a sense of belonging and professionalism among the employees who have been exposed to these processes, And, of course, an improvement in the company’s effectiveness and profitability.

We in Lean Israel will help you learn and perform processes from accepting customer requirements until the customer receives a quality product. This process goes from its own planning to the operating stage, with tools that put an emphasis on improving processes. For example we offer the Lean practitioner program, this certification relates to all employees in the organization. This certification offers an in-depth understanding of the decision making in the organization, measuring and resolving problems to a given situation.

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השאירו פרטים ונחזור אליכם בהקדם