Kaizen Leader Certification

Kaizen means change for the better. Kaizen blitz is one of the popular Lean tools. It is a joint efforts activity that goes on for a few days and involves all the stake owners in a specific process in order to achieve significant improvement by tracking and eliminating wastes. 
Kaizen blitz is comprised from 3 stages:


Stage 1 – Pre Kaizen – defining the problem, team assembly, data collecting and analysis and building the infrastructure for the improvement process.

Stage 2 – Kaizen blitz – current state analysis, finding opportunities for improvement and implementing them.

Stage 3 – Post Kaizen – following up on the implementation of the solutions and checking the results according to the measurements that were defined.

In this 3 day workshop the participants will be trained to lead and manage an effective Kaizen blitz. Through experimenting, simulations and examples the participants will go through all the stages and learn tools and skills necessary in every stage.

'I've led several Kaizen blitzes in the past and though that another course won't contribute much. I was happy to learn I was wrong. I had a lot more to learn and Lean Israel added great value from their experience. The course contributed a lot mainly because of the simulation and practical experiments we had during the course. Another added value was due to the participation of Lean Leaders from several leading companies. I came out of the course with a set of tools that will allow me to lead Kaizen blitzes that will be of great value to my company'

Roy Pelleg, Lean Leader operations, Elbit Systems Carmiel

• Understanding Kaizen blitz in the Lean Management context
• Acquiring knowledge, tools and techniques to perform Kaizen blitzes
• Acquiring skills towards leading Kaizen blitzes

Professional content
• Voice of the Customer
• Value, Waste
• Kaizen
• 5s and Visual Management
• Gemba Walk
• Error Preventing, Zero Defects (Poka Yoke)
• Spaghetti chart, Standard work
• Muda ,Muri ,Mura
• Problem Solving and root cause analysis (fish bone chart)