Managing and Deploying Strategy – Hoshin Kanri

Hoshin Kanri is a methodology to dynamically manage the organizational strategy. This methodology has been successfully embraced by leading organizations across the world. 

The goal of the methodology is to assure synchronization and match between the different units in the organization towards reaching the overall goals of the organization, starting with the management team all through the employees and field representatives. In the base of the methodology stands the principal of connecting and matching the actions that are done on an everyday basis with the vision and strategic goals for the long run.
The connection and matching of action to the strategic vision are done through annual planning that sets the actions, time tables, resources, and key responsible individuals. This process enables the development of an open dialog between managers and their team regarding the goals and the ability to achieve them.
During the workshop the participants will learn and understand in depth how Hoshin Kanri performs as the brain and nerve system of continues improvement actions in the organization.


• Understanding how to drill down organizational strategy and goals to a simple easy to communicate action plan
• Building the ability to prepare A3 to deal with the organization main goals
• Understanding the ways to gather the organization towards the strategic goals while making sure the processes in all levels of the organization are managed by the scientific method of PDCA

Professional content

• Using A3
• PDM – Policy Deployment Strategy
• Conventional applying of strategy
• Mental models
• PDCA circles in strategy deployment
• Kaizen
• 5 Why’s