Learning To See – Introduction to Lean Management


Learning and experimenting with the Lean principals and tools. Giving managers and employees basic knowledge and understanding to sustain continuous improvement of processes in the organizational work environment.

The workshop gives the participants the ability to look at the processes through the Lean glasses and see the wastes in them according to the Lean approach. Understanding the gaps between current and desired along with the Lean tools will help the participants pave the way to creating a mechanism for continues improvement in their organization.

In addition to the theory, the workshop includes group discussions, practical exercises, experimenting and comparing the current state in the participant’s organization to the Lean method and excellent organizations in the world. 

• Introduction to Lean Management
• Creating the motivation for change
• Learning basic tools to start a Lean implementation process
• Perception and attitude change to processes in the organization
• Understanding the Improvement potential in applying the Lean principals

'Until now, all I heard was 'Lean… Lean…', now I understand what it's all about. After learning to put on Lean glasses, I'm able to see things I couldn't see before'.

Gil Dekel, Project Manager, Tidhar Group

Professional content:

 • Voice of the Customer
• Value, Waste
• Kaizen
• Pull, Flow
• One piece flow, Takt time, SOE, Balance
• 5s and Visual Management
• Gemba Walk
• Error Preventing, Zero Defects (Poka Yoke)
• Spaghetti chart, Standard work
• Muda ,Muri ,Mura
• Problem Solving