5S & Organizing the Work Environment Workshop


Learning how to set up the work environment to support waste elimination and easily identifying abnormalities. An organized visual environment greatly supports the organizational efforts to sustain continues improvement by creating thinking patterns and teaching us to see. 
5S is an ongoing continues process during which the principals turn to a way of life and a routine. 
In addition to the theory, the workshop includes group discussions, a simulation and practical exercises and many examples from Lean organizations.


• Getting to know the principals of the method
• Creating the motivation for change
• Understanding the challenges in implementing 5S and learning how to overcome
• Learning how to perform 5S audits
• Gaining the ability to implement 5S in the organization

Professional content:

• Continues improvement and the connection to 5S
• Value and Waste (TIMWOOD)
• Visual management
• Kanban
• Spaghetti chart