Pull & Flow Workshop

A hands on workshop to learn and experience the principals of Pull & Flow in production lines. This workshop explores and demonstrates the gaps between the traditional system and the Lean approach.

Pull & Flow is a main principal in Lean Management. It supports the shortening of response time to customers (LT), downsizing inventory in the process (WIP), improving quality and improving operational flexibility to better adapt to the customer changing needs.
The workshop contains a simulation in which the participants experiment the stages in creating Pull & Flow – process mapping, SOE, TAKT, balance, layout, standard creation and improvement.

• Understanding the principals of Pull & Flow compared to the traditional push
• Getting to know the stages in moving from push to pull system
• Learning the base for making immediate improvements

Professional content
• Pull
• Flow
• Takt
• U cell
• Muda
• Balance
• Layout
• Method sheet
• Poka yoke
• Standard work