Value Stream Mapping Workshop


VSM is an active diagnosis of the organization, executed by mapping the value stream, leading to the creation of the organization North Star and a multi stages work plan. In this workshop participants learn and practice this analysis – current state, future state and consolidation a work plan.

Value Stream is the sum of all actions (those that add value and those that don’t) that are essential in order to deliver the product (Value) to the customer. Value Stream Mapping is a visual display of all the evolving characteristics of the product/service along with other data. Mapping the value stream enables to look and understand the bigger picture (and not only specific individual processes). It is a necessary stage in every Lean Transformation process since only thereafter the organization can ‘see’ the process, the problems and the true characteristics of the current state and define a much more effective future state that better serves the customer and the organization.

This 2 day workshop features a simulation and practical exercise through which the participants will learn to draw real current and future state VS’s that are relevant to their everyday work. In doing so, the participants receive a significant infrastructure to perform immediate improvement in their organization.

'I participated in a VSM workshop last week and it was excellent. It was delivered professionally and gently by Ari and I believe it will be of great value to me. Thank you!' Michal Arnon, Formulation R&D Manager and PIP Lean Sigma Leader, Perrigo Israel Pharmaceuticals

Gil Dekel, Project Manager, Tidhar Group


• Learning the ability to look at a process end to end
• Acquiring knowledge and experimentation with process analysis and identifying value & waste
• Learn to analyze the communication method in the organization
• Understanding customer-supplier relationship in processes
• Identifying bottle necks
• Experimenting in process improvement

'It was extremely interesting! The material was taught in a very professional and understandable way! See you at the next workshop' Meital Cohen, Sub-contractors manager, MKS

Gil Dekel, Project Manager, Tidhar Group

Professional content:

• Voice of the Customer
• Value, Waste
• Kaizen
• Pull, Flow
• One piece flow, Takt Time, SOE, Balance
• 5s and Visual Management
• Gemba Walk
• Error Preventing, Zero Defects (Poka Yoke)
• Spaghetti chart, Standard work
• Muda ,Muri ,Mura