Lean Academy

The Lean culture enables the organization to provide value to its customer over time by systematically and effectively improving the processes by empowering and developing the human capital.
Lean is a holistic culture that includes the operational and cultural aspects of the organization as one. It is comprised of principals, methods and tools to enhance internal and external satisfaction. Choosing the Lean way and embracing its principals over time leads to the elimination of waste in the process, shorter response time, cost downsizing, quality and service enhancement, increase of value and profitability.
We invite you to join managers and employees from leading companies in a journey of personal and organizational excellence.

'The workshop was very good, and was passed on in a professional and efficient manner. The agenda was professionally built. We really liked the simulations and group discussions. Indeed, the intertwinement of people from various organizations opens new horizons for fresh thinking and ideas, and also inspires the will to keep on learning... We are already planning some further activities'.

Vladimir, A.R.I