Problem Solving – Using A3 Methodology

The ability to create value for the customer is founded in the organization’s ability to find good solutions. Managers need to set the development of the ability to solve problems as a main goal in all layers of the organization. The more departments, divisions and employees in the organization have a high ability to solve problems, the organization will know better how to solve the customer problems thus creating higher value.

The A3 problem solving methodology includes: defining the problem as a gap between current and desired state, tracking and analyzing root causes, consolidating preventive measures to handle the problem, action plan, follow up and control the plan, adapting the counter measures and standardization. The stages of learning and handling the problem are documented and displayed on an A3 sheet that allows to communicate the main story of the problem.

In this 2 day workshop the participants will experiment in intensive A3 writing related to a problem that they want to solve in their organization. At the end of the workshop, each participant will complete an individual A3.

• Learning to analyze and understand the current state of a process
• Developing the ability to identify and define the gap between current and target state
• Knowing the A3 methodology – all the stages and components
• Experimenting in writing a relevant A3
• Acquiring the knowledge and ability to write future A3’s

'Please pass my personal thank you to Shay. The course was effective, touched very important points and flowed excellently. Thank you' Michal Shtern, Of-Hagalil.

Michal Shtern, Of-Hagalil

Professional content
• Organized methodic process for problem solving
• The scientific way to manage PDCA
• Root cause analysis – 5 why’s
• Preventive measures compared to solutions
• PDM – Policy Deployment Matrix
• Responsibility without authority