Lean Leader Certification


Learning, understanding and assimilating the principals and tools needed for an organizational Lean Leader in order to create a mechanism of continuous improvement of processes in the organization.
This yearly course provides a 3 level certification – Lean Practitioner, Lean Expert, Lean Leader. Each part combines exercises, simulations and experiments along with a tour to Lean organizations and conversations with Lean Leaders. 

At the end of the second certification (Lean Expert), every participant will write an excellence initiative which he will want to implement in his/her organization and will be able to receive guidance of a Lean Leader from Lean Israel who will mentor him in the implementation.
The first 2 certifications (Lean Practitioner and Lean Expert) are the base for the 3rd certification (Lean Leader) that is all about Lean Leadership and managing the cultural change in the organization.

This course attracts participants from a variety of organizations and industries and from different stages of Lean implementation. The open discussions contributes significantly to richening the knowledge and Lean thinking. The course is built based on the Shingo Excellence Model while every certification emphasizes a different layer of the model: 

Lean Practitioner – a 3 day certification on culture enablers, control boards, 5S, visual management, root cause analyses and problem solving.
Lean Expert – a 3 day certification in continuance to the first certification. This part will train to a higherunderstanding of process improvement – VSM current and future state, Pull & Flow, Voice of the customer, Kaizen.
Lean Leader – a 3 day certification on change management and managing the resistance to change, applying Lean throughout the organization and Lean leadership – Hoshin Kanri, PDM & PDPR, ADKAR model for change management, circles of influence, Gemba walk and asking questions.

Please note, these term are mandatory in order to register to the second certification (Lean Expert):

1. Participating in the Lean Practitioner Certification through the Lean Israel Academy
2. Being certified in an internal certification by Lean Israel