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Lean Israel was founded in 2006 by Zohar Benor as a Lean Transformation boutique firm that specializes in guiding and coaching all types of organizations to achieve excellence in business, maximize their long-run offer of value for their customers and assimilate a Culture of Excellence.

Lean Israel specializes in implementing and sustaining Lean Transformation in various companies. Using our unique methodology LTIM© (Lean Transformation Implementation Methodology), we work with our customers from the initial idea phase all through the implementation of the excellence culture in the organization. We lead, guide, support and train the managers and employees with our professional & experienced team that incorporates vast knowledge in engineering with change management abilities.

Why Lean Israel?
• 'Let's do it' approach – Leading the managers and employees, in a short period of time, to a motivation and understanding level that drives them to act and implement.
• Clear & structured methodology – Leading and training with defined methods for thinking, preparing, analyzing and executing all activities in the different areas of the project.
• Combining change management tools from day one all through the different phases of the project.
• Bottom line results – Leading the organization to an efficiency level that leads to fast improvement in business results.
• Teach how to fish – we believe in the old British saying: 'Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime'. Thereof we insist on implementing the Lean fundamentals within the corporate culture and on providing the employees with the tools necessary to keep improving and sustain the accomplishments over time.
• Lasting change – building an organization excellence culture that has constant improvement circles.

Our professional team has vast experience in leading Lean transformations working with Israel's top companies, all were leading Lean implementations in various companies before joining our team, and are now mentoring, coaching and training managers, as well as employees, to become Lean Leaders.

Lean Israel also established and runs a Lean Academy, where we conduct certification courses and workshops, such as: Lean Practitioner, Lean Expert, Lean Leader, Kaizen Leader, 5S and visual management, Value Stream Mapping and many more.
We believe in continuous progress throughout the course of the project to enable the realization of insights, benefits and new abilities in an organized way. That way, in our professional view, your organization will benefit the most.

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