Leadership and Lean Management – Boot Camp for Managers

The goal of the boot camp is to change current traditional behaviors to behaviors that enables managing (leading) according to the Lean philosophy and the Lean tools.
During this workshop, participants will explore the 12 main paradigm behind the Lean method. They will then learn by ‘dry’ and ‘wet’ exercises the 7 main tools of standard work for the Lean Leader through the glasses of the new paradigms.

The boot camp is designed for an organization that is determined to change the culture and the organizational behaviors beyond the technical side and wants to take itself to the next level.

This is a 7 day workshop:

Day 1+2 – Learning, practicing and understanding the 12 paradigms and Lean principals
Day 3 – Going to the production lines, experimenting the value adding work
Day 4+5 – Learning and practicing the 7 main tools in managers standard work
Day 6 – Going to the production line to implement the tools
Day 7 – Building a personal 30/60/90 day plan + summary

Our method

We believe in learning by doing, therefor the workshop includes simulations, class exercise, actual field experimentation and working in the Gemba as employees (NOT as managers!). This way of learning is meant to promise the development of the required skills for a Lean leader in the organization.


This workshop is an excellent tool for organizations that want to teach managers and employees the Lean philosophy in a visual and experimental way. This effective workshop provides the participants an excellent infrastructure to perform improvement and immediate changes in their work.

'…It was an incredible day… No way am I staying behind the camera on the next camp…'

Ronen Barak,
Knowledge Manager, Tidhar Group

Professional content

The main outcome of the boot camp is a ‘shift’ in the participant’s perception, including:
• Deep understanding of the 12 paradigms differentiating between managing according to the Lean method to the traditional management system
• Vast knowledge of the main tools needed for managers/Lean leaders standard work
• Handling real opportunities for problem solving and acquiring the confidence and ability to implement the improvements and techniques
• Each participant finishes the camp with an elaborated 30/60/90 day plan for implementing the 7 main tools he acquired and intends to embed in his/her work
• Developing a network of leaders, implementing advanced management tools for continues improvement, that can go on and effect many more in the different organizations