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Introduction to Lean Six Sigma

An exciting interactive workshop that teaches the principals of Lean Six Sigma through a Pizza delivery business simulation.

Six sigma is a quality methodology that examines variables that create defects and deviations. The methodology systematically operates to minimize defects using statistic tools to monitor and improve the processes.

In this interactive exciting workshop, the participants learn how implementing Lean Six Sigma supports the achievement of significant improvements in the organization by experimenting in a simulation that demonstrates the co-dependency of customer expectations, information flow, material flow, supporting processes and production procedures on the organization performance. The simulation combines theory and practice as tools learned in the simulation are quick to be implemented within the organization.


• Acquiring basic tools to start a Lean Six Sigma implementation process
• Understanding the distinction between VA and NVA
• Understanding the approach and method of analyzing a process and problem solving
• Experimenting the influence of internal interfaces on each other and on the organization
• Experimenting in process improvement by eliminating NVA 
• Understanding how inaccurate or lack of information can damage the organization performances
• Understanding the direct influence of Improvements in the process on business results



Professional content
• Voice of the Customer
• Value, Waste
• Six Sigma
• Lead Time
• Pull, Push
• Problem Solving and root cause analysis