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ניהול רזה - לין ישראל

שמואל קורב יציג במפגש Lean/Kanban Meetup

 שמואל קורב, מחברת Lean Israel, יציג במפגש הבא של קבוצת ה Lean/Kanban Israel Meetup ביום שני, ה11 בפברואר, בחיפה.

נושא ההרצאה של שמואל יהיה 'סודו של הLean'.

מהאתר של הקבוצה:
Building and sustaining a Lean culture is harder than you thought. But it's also easier than it seems. Shmuel Korb will explain how the American company FastCap has succeeded where so many others have failed, and the lessons that can be learned from their success that can be applied in any business. Shmuel Korb works at Lean Israel, a company that specializes in accompanying organizations that have chosen to adopt Lean as a wall-to-wall strategy.

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